The Charming Miss Rea

Every photo shoot starts with uncertainty and questions – will the weather hold? How do I leverage the available light to optimize my subjects? What backdrop will work best for capturing the moment? What can I do or say to make everyone relax and not feel uptight when the camera emerges? What is the story that I want to tell about these people that I’m just meeting? What is their essence and how do I capture even one tiny slice of that magic in a picture?

Sometimes, despite all of the scanning and calculations that are going on in my head, sparks fly, bonds are formed, and the photo shoot unfolds with grace and ease. That is the type of magic that happened last weekend when I met my client, Vanessa, and her family — her parents, husband, and almost-four-year-old daughter, Rea. From the minute I laid eyes on Miss Rea, as she is affectionately known, I knew we were going to like each other. This kid oozes personality. When she smiles, the sky lights up. She is curious and bold, assertive and polite, charismatic and funny. I just couldn’t help falling for her. Rea’s face reflects the generations of the two families that came together when Vanessa and Michael met, and the world is there in her bright blue eyes, accented against that mane of dark curly hair.

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