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Restoring My Photography Karma so Stop With the Eat Pray Love Already!

I kept hearing it. “Oh, of course you’re going to Bali. You’re doing the Eat, Pray, Love thing after your divorce.’’ The comment irked me. It ignored all the sophisticated analysis and carefully selected criteria that went into choosing this exotic destination for my solo adventure.  And having a fling halfway around the world wasn’t […]

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Swimming Naked: How a supermodel, a skinny dip and the Source helped me silence my voice of shame.

I had to travel halfway around the world, make friends with a supermodel, and skinny dip for the first time in my 42 years on this earth before I learned to silence the voice of shame inside my head that had haunted and followed me most every day of my life. I’d started my morning […]

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Blazing My Own Trail in Bali

After 36 hours of travel, the first challenge on my solo adventure to Bali was behind me — I had arrived! After a much-needed shower, I face planted into bed, exhausted from battling not only a 12-hour time difference but my anxiety as I anticipated the two-and-a-half weeks that lay ahead, and my incredible excitement and exhilaration that I […]

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