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While I couldn’t recognize a single lyric, strangely, my heart knew every note.

After watching the sun come up, Yande, my Balinese tour guide, fellow photographer, and new friend, and I drove through northern Bali, planning to take pictures at a lakeside temple that had recently flooded. As we turned onto a desolate country road, strutting roosters and two sleeping dogs loitered on our path. From a distance […]

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Swimming Naked: How a supermodel, a skinny dip and the Source helped me silence my voice of shame.

I had to travel halfway around the world, make friends with a supermodel, and skinny dip for the first time in my 42 years on this earth before I learned to silence the voice of shame inside my head that had haunted and followed me most every day of my life. I’d started my morning […]

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