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Leap of Faith: What I learned at the start of my summer vacation

I got goose bumps just watching as Michael and Madelyn hurled themselves off the dock and into the icy water of Lake Hopatcong on Memorial Day weekend to kick off the official start of summer 2013.  Their polar bear swim has become an annual tradition, typically taking place any time between Mother’s Day and Memorial […]

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Finding my Father

On May 18, 2013, my dad was elected into Roxbury High School’s inaugural Athletics Hall of Fame. I accepted this incredible honor on his behalf.  On behalf of my Dad and my entire family, I reluctantly accept this great honor. I’ll explain that ‘reluctantly’ in a moment but first I have a question: How many […]

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While I couldn’t recognize a single lyric, strangely, my heart knew every note.

After watching the sun come up, Yande, my Balinese tour guide, fellow photographer, and new friend, and I drove through northern Bali, planning to take pictures at a lakeside temple that had recently flooded. As we turned onto a desolate country road, strutting roosters and two sleeping dogs loitered on our path. From a distance […]

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